Sending funds transfers

A fast, safe and efficient alternative to writing cheques.

For faster payment processing.


  • Funds can be sent anywhere in the world though the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec vast network of correspondent banks.
  • Your suppliers receive their money quickly and securely as it is sent by telecommunications to our correspondents.
  • No limit to the amount that can be transferred.
  • Funds can also be sent to Canada, the U.S. and several European countries by direct deposit. See the information required for direct deposits to these countries.

Financial institutions throughout the world do not all require the same information to send and receive funds transfers. Find out more about the information required for funds transfers by banks in the U.S., Europe and Mexico.

Bulk payment services1 are also available through our data transmission systems or from your accounting systems.

Did you know?
You can use AccèsD Affaires to make transfers yourself.

  1. Bulk payment services are available only to large companies.